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Electric Ballroom, London

La Loco in Paris was one of the best shows I´ve ever done in France. Local crew was great, if they would only have a bit more up to date consoles then everything would have been perfect. But the minor faults on the consoles didn´t affect the feeling that much and what comes to the show that it didn´t affect at all. I had a lot of fun and so did the band. Definitely going back to that club at some point. Even though there was only cold water in the shower ;)

After the load-out in Paris it was few hours of driving before we all had to get up for U.K. immigration before entering the Eurotunnel. I went to bed right after the immigration before the train took off and I woke up the next day when we were driving by the Big Ben.

Last show of the tour was in Electric Ballroom, Camden town. Great venue, good crew, good gear. Excellent way to end the tour.

And I got to spend some time with few of my friends, who live in London, all of which I haven´t seen in years. Lot of fun.
The next day after the last show we kinda had a day off in London. Lobbycall for the airport wasn´t until 3 pm. That left us with couple of hours to do our last minute shopping for souvenirs.

In all the tour was a great succes and a lot of f
un. I made myself some pretty damn good friends. Some of them are coming to Finland in the near future, hopefully I won´t be out of town on those occasions. All the crew and bands worked together perfectly and while doing that all had a lot of fun.
Thank you all, Bobo, Jürgen, Matzi, Towers, Spencer, Zoe, Jorge, Mel, Marco, Tumppi and everybody else including all the bands. Also many thanks to the local crews.
Great succes, very nice.

And now that I´ve wrapped up this tour I´ll switch back to finnish if you don´t have anything against that. Couple months from now on I´ll be touring all over Finland. Till next time.

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